December 9, 2018

“You may not find reciprocity as you attempt to have conversations” across difference, said Kim Roth Howe, founding principal of Co-Creative Labs and TED Talk speaker of Searching for Purple in a Red and Blue Time. “Even if you do everything exactly right, and you come with the most open heart and most gracious perspective…, you still may not find any kind of mutuality. And, it's still worth it.”

Howe lives in Nebraska, and like many others across the country, she found herself concerned about de...

June 14, 2018

Acts of dehumanization and humiliation are well-documented tools of war and submission. But the flip side – the impact of offering someone dignity, acknowledging their humanity – is less studied.

“It occurs to me that if you can damage the dignity of someone in a small or a very large way, well then aren't we also vulnerable to being healed? Aren't there small acts that would that would either restore or reinforce?” asks psychologist Claudia Cohen, an adjunct faculty member at the International C...

November 14, 2017

“We are so quick to assume that people from the other side of the spectrum, whatever that is, are motivated by negative things,” said Andrew Hanauer, director of One America, on This Is Civity Radio. “This voice needs to be out there in the public calling for respect and inclusion, calling for people to not assume the worst motives of the other side. So, as much as possible, we want to build that.”

Hanauer and other faith and community leaders founded One America following the 2016 election as a...

July 17, 2017

Many people have shared with us at Civity the Heineken ad showing people who were brought together to engage across difference over a beer. This ad and others like it tap into the growing awareness of just how polarized we are, as well as encourage us to find commonality, even in the face of our most stark differences.

Civity supports efforts to bridge divides and help people come together, and we applaud Heineken and other companies and organizations for exploring this trope and presenting these...

March 30, 2017

“Our belief is that civility doesn’t have to taste like broccoli,” said Jacob Hess, member of Living Room Conversations and Director of the Utah chapter of The Village Square. “It doesn’t have to be this heavy civic duty that people do just because they’re supposed to. We can actually have some fun with it.”

Hess appeared on This is Civity Radio to talk about the AllSides Dictionary, an online resource that helps people from differing perspectives better understand what a word means coming from a...

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