June 14, 2018

At a time when “our divided country” is all the buzz at cocktail parties (well, at least the cocktail parties I’m going to!), Civity is standing up for connection, compassion, and conversation. And Civity is not alone. Other organizations with aligned missions – the Village Square, One America Movement, Everyday Democracy, Islamic Networks Group, Living Room Conversations, the Bridge Alliance, and many more – are helping to create spaces for people who are different to connect.

The same thing is...

November 14, 2017

I’m writing at my desk in San Francisco, where terrible fires have been burning just north of me over the last few weeks. I have been glued to the radio, TV and Internet, trying to discover news of friends and colleagues and hearing terrible stories of death and loss of homes. 

I have also been hearing other news: stories of incredible heroism by first responders and others; of neighbors helping neighbors; of strangers knocking on doors to get them out of the fires’ way.

I listen to these stories...

July 17, 2017

Over the past few months we have conducted Civity workshops with people at some wonderful organizations!  In these workshops, we provide simple and focused strategies for connecting with one another, sharing stories, and listening to each other’s stories. Civity storytelling and storylistening support understanding and celebration of difference – as well as discovery of commonality.

By naming Civity, celebrating engagement across difference as a positive cultural value, we give people the power t...

March 30, 2017

Many of us came out of last year’s election season battered and bruised. It seemed that no matter who we voted for, many of us were (and still are) angry – angry at the other side. Some of us went into the holiday season concerned about facing members of our family across the dinner table who represented that “other.” Many people asked me, how can I talk to my uncle? My cousin? My father? What can I say?

My experience over the holidays was also about family, but different. I had a chance to have...

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