Welcome to Civity Conversations!

Have a conversation across and through difference

Civity Conversations can help us connect across and through the differences and divides that separate us.

Watch the Civity Conversations video, and then follow the steps below to have your conversation.


watch the welcome video

Watch the Civity Conversations video to get to know the process. Then, read the instructions.


get familiar with the conversation guide

The Civity Conversation guide will help you engage across and through difference. Take a look at it before you begin, and have it open as you engage.


connect with your other

Get connected with an other in your community.

You will be matched with someone to connect with in your virtual or on-ground community.



Use your favorite digital video interface to connect with your other. We recommend Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype.


tell us about your conversation

Once you've had your conversation, tell us about your experience by taking our post-conversation survey!

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