Civity Training

Putting Difference on the Table

Civity Training deepens the ability of community leaders to leverage their passions and visions in their professional and personal lives by developing strategic relationship-building skills centered on connecting with people who are different.


  • Practice reaching out to people different from themselves.

  • Acknowledge and take on the risk of telling their own story.

  • Create listening space to invite and truly hear the stories others have to share.

  • Discover the power of small “wise interventions” to make everyday interactions count.

The Civity Workshop, our introductory training, is an in-person workshop that can vary from a couple of hours to a half-day to a series of meetings with “homework” in-between.


We tailor the format and time frame to adapt to your needs. We also offer post-workshop online and telephone coaching.

The Civity Train the Leaders Workshop prepares participants to facilitate relationship-building experiences for others, and gives participants the ability to conduct Civity Workshops themselves.

Introductory Civity Workshop

The introductory Civity Workshop supplements, enhances, and builds on practices and knowledge drawn from conflict resolution, anti-racism work, and facilitation. This training includes presentation, skill-building, and practice on how to deepen a conversation; story-telling and story-listening; and “putting difference on the table.”


As with training in meditation and yoga, Civity focuses on making intentional relationship-building a personal practice – accessible to people in their everyday personal and professional lives. This practice also can have a major effect on our communities.

Civity Train the Leaders Workshop

The Civity Train the Leaders Workshop gives community leaders the skills necessary to create and facilitate spaces for people to “connect through difference” in one-on-one or small-group conversations.


Train the Leaders builds on the introductory workshop and includes reflection and small-group work and practice to identify and prepare for creating these relational “connecting through difference” spaces in their workplaces or communities.  The flexibility, ease, and limited duration of the strategies provided allows them to be folded into regular board or community meetings or become one activity at a community social event.


The strategies can also stand alone – i.e., as a Civity “putting difference on the table” lunchtime gathering. We provide post-workshop coaching over the phone and via email to support workshop participants as they apply what they learn to their own work and civic passion.

Civity Train the Trainers Workshop

The Civity Train the Trainers Workshop prepares facilitators and community leaders to deliver the introductory Civity Workshop to individuals and groups in their own communities.

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