Civity Conversations = Action

The ability to create authentic relationships intentionally with people who are different is a life skill that enriches community leaders of all kinds, as well as the people they reach out to. This portable skill is valuable in people’s civic, professional, and personal lives. One young leader in the technology sector described engaging another person in a Civity Conversation like “going to a concert together.” Civity Conversations offer the opportunity for this kind of experience in people’s everyday lives. When KNOWING someone who is different is the goal, conversations equal action.

Be Intentional about Civity: A Checklist

Reach out to someone who is different from you

Connect with your heart, as well as your head

Tell your story - be authentic

Listen to their story - be present

Notice the common humanity that underlies the difference

Civity Training

Civity Training enables community leaders to leverage their passions and visions in their professional and personal lives through strategic relationship-building with people who are different.


Leaders learn and practice reaching out to people who are different from themselves, taking the risk of telling their own story, and creating the listening space to invite and truly hear the stories others have to share. They also discover the power of small “wise interventions” to make everyday interactions count.


Seeding Civity

The Seeding Civity Project supports communities across the country that seek to build “social muscle” – by growing and sustaining connections across difference. We partner with organizations in each community that are working to bridge divides and build community, leveraging local initiatives already underway. Train-the-leader workshops for community leaders, experiential demonstrations, and public events provide opportunities for people to meet and connect with people different from them. Going forward, the experience of connecting across and through difference becomes an intentional and integral part of working for stronger and more resilient communities.

Learn more and bring Civity into your community to help seed connection and collaboration across difference.

Telling the Civity Story


Intentionality is a key aspect of Civity. Many of us engage in “random acts of kindness.” We reach out to those who we see as “other.” We work to build equity where disparities exist. When we make this work intentional and consistent, we contribute to creating something larger than ourselves.

This Is Civity podcasts, the Civity Facebook page, and the Civity newsletter share stories of others who are creating Civity and acting with a Civity mindset. Naming Civity where it already exists reveals the power of what we are already doing – to make clearer and more intentional what we now choose to do.

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