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Welcome to our Civity blog!

by Palma Strand and Malka Kopell

We are launching this blog to provide a space for discussion about creating communities where people work together and collaborate to solve problems … in other words, communities with civity. In other parts of this website, we describe how The Civity Initiative builds civity by conducting projects. Our project work is a key part of who we are and what we do.

But just as important to us is making clear that we are not alone.

All around the country – around the world – people are building civity. They are reaching across the divides that separate us: economics, demographics, sectors, jurisdictions, politics, religion. They are developing relationships of respect, empathy and trust across those divides. With these relationships, they are working together to address the intractable problems they – we – face.

These civity stories are invaluable because they counter skepticism about what can happen. They inspire people to connect with each other to make change happen.

This blog is about sharing those civity stories, about telling the collective civity story.

The two of us see and hear civity everywhere – not only in our neighborhoods, schools, communities, and workplaces but also on the Internet and even in the news. We are excited about sharing the civity stories we encounter with you on this blog!

But the bigger civity story will be immensely enriched by hearing even more civity stories. And so we’re asking for your help. Send us examples of civity-building. Volunteer to write a “guest blog” in your own words about your own work or about someone else’s.

Help us tell the civity story.

We are excited to share our stories and hear yours!


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