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Welcome to the first Civity newsletter! You are receiving this because you have been identified as a civic leader and/or organizational change agent who may be seeking to tackle problems in a new way.

This occasional newsletter will give you a chance to check in with what’s going on with Civity and to see what other Civity-builders are doing across the country. We hope that our readers will also contribute their own stories to the Civity narrative.

Our progress in the last few months has been terrific. We’ve finished our pilot project to develop our Civity Conversations training. Because conversation = action, Civity Conversations are a good building block for strengthening communities and an efficient and powerful way to make change.

Concentrating Civity work in a place – a city, a town, or even a college campus – stands to magnify positive network effects. So we are preparing to kick off our place-based “Building Civity in Communities” initiative.

We are poised to try out some Civity models in several places, pay close attention to what happens, and learn and improve the Civity approach. Above all, our goal is for the communities we work with to benefit from Civity work and Civity learning as well.

We have a three-year plan and budget, have begun fundraising conversations, and plan to hit the ground running in January. We’ll keep you posted!

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