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Civity Is in the Air

The airwaves this summer and fall have been filled with division – as well as people clamoring to be heard.

Civity’s message about the importance of seeing people who are different from us as members of our larger community has taken on a new urgency.

Civity’s framework – Intentionality, Authenticity, Respect and Empathy across Difference – and the accompanying practical strategies for communicating a sense of mutual belonging, are gaining traction.

  • In recent months, Civity has been touching lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where about two dozen leaders participated in a Civity Academy.

  • In Omaha, Nebraska, the New Leaders Council invited Civity to be part of its intensive training last spring, and young leaders from all over the region learned and shared their experiences.

  • In Arlington, Virginia, Civity supported the Outreach Group of the Arlington County Democratic Committee in its quest to build community beyond party lines.

  • Civity also worked with the Arlington group Challenging Racism to train leaders in cross-racial conversation and relationship-building.

Here is what some of the folks Civity has reached have to say about their experiences:

“What was surprising to me was how much I normally am not paying attention. Now I see there is an opportunity to make a connection, and is doesn’t have to take long. That surprised and delighted me.”

“I realized the power of just introducing myself.”

“I felt that there was this shared humanity, shared values … that we were on the same side.”

“I will work more and talk less when disagreements come up.”

“I’m going to take Civity forward by intentionally moving towards difference that makes me uncomfortable.”

Recent attention to divisions in our country has inspired much (well-deserved) hand-wringing. But bringing divides into the light also offers us an opportunity to change them. We at Civity are constantly inspired by what people want to do, can do, and are doing to turn division on its head through listening and understanding. If you think Civity can help you do your important work, please contact us.

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