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Silicon Valley's Empathy Gap

Updated: May 22, 2019

By: Daniel Harris

Is Silicon Valley making the world a better place? In a piece recently published in CityLab, entitled What Silicon Valley Doesn't Get About People, Daniel Harris of the Knight Foundation suggests that the Valley could use some more empathy … right in its own backyard.


Poor planning didn’t just aggravate the area’s housing problem: It helped create the Valley’s growing empathy gap.

As Silicon Valley, my home and place of work, dreams up what’s next, so, too, does the world dream up the next Silicon Valley.

From the speculation on Silicon Valley’s heir apparent to the slow outpouring of talent and venture capital from the region to Jeff Bezos hosting “Amazon Idol” with American cities competing to win HQ2 and its supposed 50,000 jobs and $5 billion, our competitive advantage over the rest of the world is clearly narrowing.

As new innovation centers arise and potentially surpass Silicon Valley, too few of them, however, seem to be asking what we got—and continue to get—wrong here.


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