What is Civity?


"Civity" is a culture of deliberately engaging in relationships of respect and empathy with others who are different.


As Civity grows, a we/they mindset gives way to

a we all belong mindset. When people have the sense that we are in this together – when they feel confident reaching out to and connecting with others – differences become springboards rather than barriers.

Civity Touchstones

Today's we/they world of haves and have-nots, insiders and outsiders, those who belong and those who are other, calls us to reach a hand out one to another and pull together.

  • Relationships are Foundational

  • Networks are Powerful

  • Individuals Can Transform Communities

  • Civity Conversations = Action

From NO to KNOW


In a San Francisco neighborhood, NO MORE CHINESE graffiti appeared on the side of a building. Days later, courtesy of Photoshop, a blogger countered with KNOW MORE CHINESE.

  • KNOWing doesn’t mean we agree.

  • KNOWing doesn’t mean we aren’t different.

  • KNOWing doesn’t mean I don’t believe with all my being that what you stand for is destructive and wrong.

KNOWing means simply facing the fact that, we are in this together.

From NO to KNOW – that’s Civity in a nutshell.

What We Do: Building Civity in Communities

Civity helps community leaders strategically transform their communities to understand and celebrate differences - across race, class, culture, and politics.


To see what we’re doing now, check out our Seeding Civity in Communities Initiative, a project to seed and grow Civity-based interactions across community divides to help build Civity.

We share stories of others creating Civity and acting with a Civity mindset. Naming Civity where it exists reveals the power of what we are doing  To see

and share Civity Stories, check out our Blog, podcast, and Facebook page.

Why Civity? Why Now?

When KNOWING someone who is different is the goal, conversations equal action.

Inequality in the U.S. today has reached a high not seen since before the Great Depression. Polarization has become the national political norm. Privilege and advantage divide us against ourselves along racial, economic and other lines.

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." -Audre Lorde


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